Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Superficial - Tom Cruise and Rob Thomas caught in bed

You see. I was just telling my Grandmother what a sham this Tom Cruise guy is...

The Superficial - Tom Cruise and Rob Thomas caught in bed
Tuesday - June 28, 2005

If there's one thing I know, it's that random gossip from total strangers based on absolutely no facts is true about 100% of the time. That said, here's an email that reader Rob decided to forward in.

So, I work with this girl who has a family friend that works in PR in Hollywood, and she always has fun little scoops about celeb stuff. Well, if this is true, this is just ridiculous! So, the whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes thing - apparently, it is, like we all thought anyway, a ridiculous PR thing. Tom Cruise was supposedly caught in bed with Rob Thomas (the lead singer of Matchbox 20) by Rob Thomas's wife, Marisol. Rob Thomas is also a Scientologist. Obviously, nobody wanted this to get out, and Marisol was going nuts threatening to expose them. I think that she might be getting paid off, but to preempt any rumors about Tom, the Scientology people as well as Tom's PR people basically recruited Katie Holmes to play this part of Tom's super-excited girlfriend, and they are just paying her a b*ttload of money. I guess they also woo'd her with promises of what this would do for her career, since she's at best a B-lister. But I guess now Marisol is so annoyed at all of the press Tom and Katie's relationship is getting, she's threatening to go public, spill the beans, and file for divorce.

Sure, why not."


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Finished reading VoNY and enjoyed the shit out of it.

You want notes? I could get you some.

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You Know, If i caught my husband in bed with a man I would be a little more releived than if i caught him in bed with a nother woman. Because then it could be justified as-- Oh, you're a gay and you couldnt tell me , fine , cool.

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