Tuesday, March 22, 2005

RIP: Charlie Purpura

From what I understand my former Professor Charlie Purpura passed away on Sunday (5/20/05). He will be missed. A tough talking, straight-shooting, stand-up guy if there ever was one. His "take no bullshit" style was refreshing in a forum that could sometimes be a tad hyper-sensitive and P.C. due to the tender psyches of NYU's fledgling screenwriters.

Variety Obituary
Charles Purpura: Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Area Head of Screenwriting, Assistant Professor in Dramatic Writing

Feature films: Heaven Help Us (Tri Star Pictures); Satisfaction (20th Century Fox); Senior Class (CBS), Girls of Summer (NBC). His other screenplays include Replay and The Moralist (Warner Brothers); Major Bens on, Roommates, and From Rockaway (Universal Studios) , Black & White (Disney), Hitman(HBO), Honest, I Do (ABC). Awards: Emmy Award and Humanities. Professional memberships: The National Academy of Television Arts and Sci ences (also Emmy Awards Judge), Member as well as WGA Award Judge and Credit Arbitrator for the Writers Guild of America, The Museum of Radio and Television, The East Hampton Film Festival, Board Member Suffolk County High School of Performing Arts, The New Dramatists. He has lectured at presentations of his films at the above institutions as well as NYU Film School, Adelphi University, Hoffstra University and Molloy College. He is currently producing his screenplays, The Miracle of Pelham Bay Park (Storm Entertainment) and Princess Doe (ABC)."


Anonymous Kirk said...

I was one of charlies students this year. I just wanted to drop my 2 cents in the bucket and echo the things said about Charlie. Charlie has made one of the greatest impacts on me of any person i have met since moving to New York. When some one burns as bright as he did in their life the flame doesn't go out so easily (Charlie would hate that I am getting so sentimental, but its the truth). He was a true artist and a hell of a guy. Although his death was more than tragic it has thrown his life into sharp prespective and all I can say is I hope I end up leaving half the legacy he did. We'll miss you you old fucker.

I wrote about him on my blog too.


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