Thursday, March 17, 2005

"Lucas calls new 'Star Wars' titanic tearjerker..."

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Director George Lucas had a message for fans as he previewed a glimpse of the final tale in the billion-dollar "Star Wars" film franchise: leave the lightsabers at home, but don't forget the tissues.

"It's not like the first one. It's more emotional," said the director of the upcoming space adventure "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith," which arrives in theaters May 19.

"I describe it as a 'Titanic' in space. It's a real tearjerker, and it will be received in a way that none of us can expect," he told theater owners at the ShoWest convention.

Let me guess... well of course Natalie Portman's Queen Formaldehyde dies, but how?
  • Accidentally or mistakenly killed by Jedi, infuriating husband Anakin "Darth" Skywalker?
  • Killed by husband, Anakin "Darth" Skywalker, to prove to newfound darkside friends his "Darthy-ness"?
  • Or, my guess, Queen Formaldehyde gives her own life - jumps infront of Darth's lightsaber so infant Luke and Leya can live to fight another day.
All I know is Han Solo (in actuality, the character that made the franchise) had better get a mention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As cool as the trailer looked, 'Menace' and that other one just left me cold. They'll have trouble jerking tears out of me. I've spent two movies not giving a shit, so the third has its work cut out for it.

Meanwhile, can we get Natalie Portman topless in something, please?


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