Friday, March 04, 2005

Bush: "I like doing this..."

President Bush Holds Citizen Meetings on Social Security

"I like doing this, by the way. I like goin' around the country sayin' 'folks, we have got a problem'...

-March 4, 2005. Westfield, N.J., President Bush holds meetings with invited citizens on his plans to overhaul Social Security. The meeting format might be described as "town hall," but many of those onstage with Bush in the meetings were handpicked by the administration and already held favorable views of Bush's proposal.
All Things Considered
Thank you Mr. President. Thank you for your time, and coming out to address us. You think you enjoy telling us we've got problems? Well, truth be told, we are just thrilled to hear about them. Ultimately, we're happy you're happy.


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