Friday, March 04, 2005


Being new to the world of blog - I've taken the time to go out and visit the community, peering into the lives and sometimes meeting the neighbors. Here are a few of my observations:
  1. People think others are interested in who they are and what they have to say.
  2. Blogs are filled with self important crap.
  3. I like the combination of eggs with cheese. (Scallions are a nice addition too)
  4. The cliche of opinions being like assholes is all too true on the web. Bloggers seem to have multiple anuses.
  5. Bloggers write far too much about things that can be stated in a sentence or two. It's called "brevity" friends.
  6. The interest in the war in Iraq and Tara Reid's breasts are virtually equal.
  7. I can use money. Please donate.
  8. The Oscars also seem to be popular.
  9. Blogging is a great way for writers to pretend they are writing. [oops.]
  10. Did I mention I can use money?
To be continued...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or if you're like me, you can use your blog as a clearinghouse for any and all mental detritus.

You know, my grandkids are going to see it some day and say "no wonder he never got laid in high school"


9:51 AM  
Blogger thatguyyoumet said...

I like cheese with anything. Most especially, science fiction...

12:08 PM  
Blogger thatguyyoumet said...

...or Tara Reid's breasts

12:09 PM  

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